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Phnom Penh

Having derived its name from 'Wat Phnom' (Hill Temple), Phnom Penh literally translates to 'Penh's Hill'. You may wonder what 'Penh' means - it is actually the name of a local woman named Daun Penh, otherwise known as Lady Penh. Legend has it that in 1372, Lady Penh found a floating koki tree on the Tonle Sap river and in it were four bronze Buddha statues and a stone statue of Vishnu. Taking this as a divine blessing, Lady Penh raised a small hill northeast of her house and built a shrine which is now known as 'Wat Phnom'. The district around this area then became known as what we know today - Phnom Penh.

Distance from Locations

Strategically located in the heart of the city, Lumiere is within close proximity to major locations of the district. From embassies to famous sites such as the Royal Palace and the National Museum, Lumiere is just minutes away. Apart from being close to multiple restaurants and the booming nightlife of the city, we are also just 30 minutes away from the Phnom Penh International Airport.

Nearest ATM/Bank 100 m
Nearest Hospital 500 m
Nearest Shopping Centre 1 km
The Royal Palace 1.2 km
The Central Market 1.8 km
Wat Phnom 2.3 km
Russian Market 3.4 km
Phnom Penh International Airport 11 km