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Our Story

  • Your guiding light and home in Phnom Penh

    A source of light that guides and anchors you when you are away from home, Lumiere is a personal haven for travellers to always come back to when in Phnom Penh. Akin to a lighthouse that provides navigation to marine pilots at sea, Lumiere adopted this name in hopes of becoming your ray of light to always follow and come home to when your daily adventures in the city end.

  • Supporting the local community

    To further enhance the value of what we do, we love engaging the local community through providing opportunities to Cambodians who are given priority in our recruitment. Lumiere also supports local talents whose work help to add much colour to the environment you will be residing in during your stay with us.

  • A place where you are always more than a guest

    At Lumiere, it is all about putting you first, everything else second. Pamper yourself and bask in our attentiveness and the comfort of our environment. A luminous but soothing light amidst the busy city, Lumiere is all about putting in the extra effort to ensure your stay with us is nothing short of home.